Cost for 40-60 minute presentations:

  • Hampton Roads Area Locations: $300.00.  
  • Beyond Hampton Roads Area to a 300-mile radius: $300.00 plus travel and lodging. 
  • Greater than 300-mile radius of Hampton Roads Area: Contact MentorHouse for fee. ​


  • Mentoring
  • Happiness
  • Wholeness
  • Growth and Development
  • Loving Energy
  • Quality Interaction
  • Quality Management
  • Who Are We?  Past, Present and Future
  • ​Other Topics as requested


  • For various group sizes.

  • ​Three Day Introduction to Relationships Between and Among Science, Art and Spirituality (SAS)

  • ​​Day 1 - Evening Session

  • Day 2 - Four Sessions with Breaks and Discussion

  • Day 3 - Morning Session with Discussion​​

Cost: $75.00 per person for the Hampton Roads area to be held at IFM. For other locations, contact MentorHouse for available dates and costs.


  • ​​In-depth story and codex for Integral Reality: a New Paradigm for understanding reality based on a deeper understanding of the basis for Integral Reality which IFM research indicates maybe expressed as Archetypal Christ. The information developed on this website will form the primary basis for this story.

  • Publish a series of illustrated books for children and young adults introducing the concepts of Integral Reality.​

  • Other published stories as further research indicates.


  • One-on-One/Mentor-to-Mentoree Discussion/Growth and Development

  • Introduction to Relationships In and Among Science, Art, and Spirituality held at MentorHouse or online via Skype 

  • Studies Tailored to Meet Mentoree's Needs - Monthly Sessions of 60-90 Minutes

  • ​​Sliding Scale Rates (6 month minimum contract)

  • ​Scholarships Available​

Institute For Mentoring


  • One-on-One Teaching Mentor as requested by Mentoree Discussion/Growth and Development​​​

  • Specially Generated Syllabus

  • ​Studies as requested

  • ​​Assignments by Mentor; Mentoree prepare reports

  • ​​Rates based on course complexity and duration.


Goal Space was developed by IFM in 1992 for the purpose of introducing a new analytical tool to support analysis of fundraising campaigns for groups of known sizes (e.g. churches or church groups). This analytical tool which is state of the art/ proprietary provides high accuracy analytics to ensure fundraising success. There are basically two parts to the process:

  • Construction of a fixed analytical goal curve
  • Conducting an eight-week campaign and plotting the progress of commitments superimposed on a set of goal curves which define a GOAL SPACE © ™ region

When the commitment line is regressed, a dynamic is developed to show and forecast campaign success.  The intersection between the regression line and the goal curve may show high probability for achievement or non-achievement of the campaign goal. Further details on this method which has now been established to be successful in perceiving actual goal dollar results may be demonstrated on request. Fees for this service are nominal and based on customer goals and actual service needs.


FSG meets on the 2nd Tuesdays of the Month from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the IFM Mentor House in Hampton Roads, Virginia. The following agenda is a guide.​​

  • Music with Centering Meditation
  • Scripture Sharing
  • Spirit-led Open Discussions and/or Suggested Topics for Discussion
  • Refreshments
  • Social time