Institute For Mentoring

About IFM

The Institute for Mentoring was founded for the purposes of researching reality, not only from an objective scientific perspective, but also from a subjective perspective of religion.  A basic hypothesis had been perceived intuitively that authentic reality included    both Science and Religion as well as a definitive description of the connections between  the two.   Soon after the research began, it was realized that a soulful and spiritual inquiry would be more authentic than a religious inquiry because of the multitude of cultures and religions, both historically and presently, on the planet.  For the purposes of the work of IFM, religion was not considered a variable of interest. 

This worldview is not new; but as our eyes are being opened, our awareness is becoming deeper, much deeper.  The passion of our souls imbedded within our inner reality is yearning to emerge and connect with the outer reality of our body.  Yes, wholeness rather than perfection is our calling. 


Specifically the motivation for this work includes:

Searching for a deeper, more authentic view of reality.  In the current world view, reality is the state of things as they actually exist with our senses, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined. Here perception and evaluation is objective (i.e. objective cognition) or the basis for the objective frame of space, time, physics and science.

Exploring my intuitive view now emerging, our notions of a reality are changing, indeed evolving, into a deeper awareness.  This offers a cognition segueing and evolving into the basis for an inner or subjective view of reality.  While this emerging worldview is not new, it is not scientifically objective and it remains unacceptable to most.  Perhaps, the incomplete paradigm of an objective scientific worldview will remain until a substantial synthesis is made connecting both realities.

Discovering and manifesting the essential variables of the inner subjective reality, this inner and outer reality become substantially connected or synthesized.  While this synthesis had previously not been achieved by objective science, my inspiration came from two rather remarkable men, namely Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a French Jesuit and Paleontologist (1881-1955), and Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss Psychiatrist (1875-1961).  Their extensive work is listed in the bibliography.  Teilhard’s ideas, while now quite accepted by many, were banned by the Vatican until his death.  Jung’s work is still questionable by many psychiatrists who remain Freudian.

The pedagogical methods at IFM were patterned after the Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) on the campus of Princeton University in New Jersey which was established in the early 1930’s.   For IAS, there were no classes, no assignments, no professors, no direction, not even a requirement for final paper; just a few students given stipends to follow their professional bliss without any interruptions for a few years.  While IAS was funded by an endowment, IFM sought no donations or grants. 

Researching the method of Jungian Depth Psychology, I would journal my dreams, both unconscious sleeping dreams and conscious awake dreams (sometimes referred to as lucid dreams).  According to Jung, all that is, ever was, and is potentially available is in the collective unconscious.  In order for us to find it, we must go about, be about, and become in unity with the collective unconscious.  Another way to say it is that we mine the collective unconscious for, indeed, it is like a gold mine.  An even better way to say this is to say that Creator God, most authentically, is and lives within the energy of the collective unconscious.  This is where all the questions and the answers can be found.  

Note that the key here is to listen carefully to Creator God.  One must listen to all the images and symbols as the Mystery is revealed which is the essential language of God.  Creator God does not usually utilize words to convey the Mystery; otherwise, only certain cultures would be able to understand the unfolding Mystery.

Mentoring within, between, and among others within the processes of one on one settings, workshops, seminars, and retreats became the primary output of IFM.  Extensive files and journals, including prose and poetry, were kept. The reference to mentoring was from an inspiration that I would listen and share from my own experience rather than teach.

Preparing and delivering a limited distribution paper to IAS at the time of my discovery in 1994, this paper became a first cut explanation of my work and was entitled, The Unitas Hypothesis: Integral Studies in Science, Art, and Spirituality.

Developing an improved analysis tool.  Such that, the integration would allow a deeper and more complete problem analysis by allowing objective cognitive considerations for material success to now allow subjective cognitive considerations to blend in with the mix.  Now the end result would become a major new creative capability.

Beginning in 2014,IFM will become incorporated as an LLC for the purpose of sharing the results of its research and studies in Science, Art, and Spirituality, SAS, including the publication of its discovery of Integral Reality (IR:SAS), the archetypal connection between and among the realities of body, soul, and Spirit.  This work will include facilitating individual mentoring, workshops, seminars, retreats, and publication of books.

A website will be initiated and include information on work currently in the files of iFM Including stories, prose, poetry, and regular blog posts.